Everyone enjoys in Their Own Method


Early morning. I’m running late to function as usual. I’m rushing out of the door, buttoning myself up on my method. There’s Ivan Kuzmich resting on the bench. Everyone calls him Grandpa Kuzya, he has to do with 80 years old, but his mind is not that of an old man in all.
– You remain in a rush once again?– the old man asks.

– Yeah, no happiness in personal life, – I respond finishing buttoning up.

– That’s because you don’t understand what happiness is, – he reproaches me.

It’s difficult to put up, pay no observe that being 49 something I haven’t understood joy.

I stop short, understanding that now I make sure to be late. Yet to catch the old man in his overweening delusion is even more vital that telling-off at the office. What could a senior understand about joy? If he ever before had it, it was forgotten long ago.


– Ivan Kuzmich, as well as do you recognize what happiness is? Did you have an amazing Mercedes, hot mistress, pretty partner? As well as perhaps you utilized to be The Event’s Assistant General? Or a major research worker? Maybe you located and also showed the formula of happiness? Tell me. What is this everything about?

– I’ll tell you simply in brief as you’re in hurry. Simply briefly and also understandably.

Listen. Going to work do not think of alcohol and also holidays. Commemorating a holiday do not consider work. Being alongside your other half, do not think of mistress, while being with your mistress do not think of her partner. Do not talk to a policeman concerning cash and also with youngsters and also next-door neighbors concerning your issues as the first won’t understand while the late will be glad. Don’t provide cash, at night don’t borrow salt, don’t throw out trash. Bring your income residence, do not be jealous concerning your spouse, examine your children’ marks, walk your pet occasionally. As well as the main point– always think prior to you claim something. Don’t claim anything just to state. You know, a word spoken in previous recalling. As well as for the head functioning well eat cereal in the morning.

– So you want to say that if I believe just about my partner, don’t think about vodka, do not discuss cash with police officers, don’t borrow salt from my neighbor and also eat cereal in the early morning, I’ll be a satisfied guy? Is that you formula of happiness?

– That’s it, that’s my formula of joy, – the old man replies with delight, – as well as you must discover your own on your own. When you find it, you’ll seem like a happy man.

– Hey, it looks like you’re speaking simply to kill time. Cereal, vodka, cops … why should you inform me all this?

– Well … yesterday I’ve been to a dentist. Been installed brand-new dentures. He said that I need to talk a great deal to get utilized to them. And also right here you are, I spoke to you as well as seem to get used …

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